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"Copy writing is the art of selecting and crafting words to impress, persuade or instruct" 

Often, when done correctly, it is not just putting words together to describe something or writing a catchy headline or positioning statement. It must be compiled alongside clear marketing objectives.


Good copywriting is an integral part of marketing activities and can make the difference between a mediocre communication effort and a great one.

I research your business:


Knowing your position in the market and your competitors is vital. After gathering all the esential information, I then compilate all the facts and combine them into information that is clear, concise and creative. We go over the words together and tweak them until they are perfect.


People are fickle on the internet and generally click through sites faster than they do reading print or watching T.V. Your website copy needs to be dynamic and captivating. Its important to think of your website as a 24 hour a day sales person.


When you imagine your website like this you can understand how it can create a lot of exposure and opportunities for your business.



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